Team Expansion

Current Team


  • 1 Program Manager

  • 1 Research Specialist 

  • 1 Program Coordinators 

  • 3 Undergraduate Students 

  • 2 Recruited HS Students 


Currently missing man power to carry out complicated goals of CHAMPIONS, especially public-health related, educational, and research goals.

  • Ask students to bring friends to CHAMPIONS activities 

  • Use blackboard, Honors College, or Volunteer Services to recruit undergrads

  • Partner with Volunteer Services

Transition Tasks

  • Recruit from HCOE, UHP, GMED, LMSA, or SNMA

  • Keep responsibility of students to a minimum

  • Contact David for Meetings with Gear Up

  • Contact 2 Charter Schools

  • Say: "All we need is space."

  • Contact David for Meetings with Administration

  • Or, schedule meetings on our own

  • Contact 2 Charter Schools

  • Includes Current Team

  • 10 Recruited HS Students 

    • Wednesday College Prep​

    • Train in Bystander CPR

    • Outreach Events (Attendance)

  • 5 Pre-Health Students 

    • ED Supervision​

    • Data Entry

    • Follow-up Phone Calls

    • Train in Bystander CPR

    • Virtual Mentor Option

  • 5 Health Professional Students 

    • ED Supervision​

    • Teachers 

    • Community Events

    • Train in Bystander CPR

    • Virtual Mentor Option

  • 3 Gear-up Staff & 2 Staff Members from Charter Schools

    • Office Space ​

    • Liaison to Admin

  • School Administration

    • Pilot Sessions

    • In-school Program Discussions

Phase 1

  • Recruit students that want a long-term commitment

  • Have contracts

  • Follow-up on in-school discussions

  • Recruit from EM Office

  • Keep responsibility to a minimum

  • Use webinar technology to reduce time commitments

  • Recruit students that want a long-term commitment

  • Have contracts

Transition Tasks

Phase 2

  • Includes Current Team and Phase 1 Details

  •  HS Students at Partner Schools 

    • SHIP Program (In-school)

      • Emphasize Bystander CPR

    • Best students selected as Volunteers

    • After-School Clubs

  • 5-10 additional Pre-Health Students 

    • ED Screening (explained later)

    • In-School Teachers (Basic Science & Health)

    • Community events 

  • 5-10 additional Health Professional Students 

    • In-School Teachers (Clinical Skills) 

  • 5 Physicians or Health Professionals

    • Guest Speakers​

    • Virtual Mentor Option

  • Additional Program Coordinators Needed

Overall Supervisor

Phase 1:

ED Supervisor


Coordinator or Program Manager

ED Screening, Data Entry, & Follow-up Phone Calls

27 CHAMPIONS Students

  • Involve Pre-Health & Pre-Professional Students

Goal: 10  Patients per student

Actual: Possibly only called about 20 - 80 in total

<270 Patients for Follow-up

27 CHAMPIONS Students

ED Screening & Follow-up Phone Calls

Coordinator or Program Manager

ED Supervisor & Data Entry

Pre-Health or Health Professional Students

Overall Supervisor

Phase 2:

CHAMPIONS will train all new Screeners; consequently, they will still be indirectly responsible for reaching more patients.


Note: CHAMPIONS will still have direct contact with patients but we will reduce problems like overwhelming students, limited man power, poor time management, and travel costs.

  • Scale up number of patients reached

ED Screening

Pre-Health or Health Professional Students

27 CHAMPIONS Students

Coordinator or Program Manager


27 CHAMPIONS Students

Data Entry

Pre-Health or Health Professional Students

Benefit: with a larger amount of screeners, we can increase the total number of people screened. 

Instead of being primary source of follow-ups, pre-health and health professional students will handle most of the responsibility. CHAMPIONS will be asked to "supervise" and have weekly check-ins with these students.

So CHAMPIONS will be asked to call one student instead of 20 patients.

They may also continue to have their small pool of 10 follow-ups.

Follow Up

27 CHAMPIONS Students

27 Pre-Health or Health Professional Students or EM Staff

540+  Patients for Follow-up

20 or more Patients each

Settings for Bystander CPR Training & Cancer/CVD Assesment

Current Settings

  • ILHR Events

  • HCOE Events

  • Emergency Department


Thus far, our bystander CPR trainings have reached a limited number of people. Our current model gives us access to few events. The ED will need us to overcome transport & incentive issues to be maximized. Even then it is not the most conducive setting for trainings.


Additionally, the CHAMPIONS students have not maximized their potential impact. 


  • School success will depend on administrative, student, and GearUp support 

  • See following page

  • Seek permission from hospital admin 

  • Recruit CHAMPIONS for shifts

  • Use volunteers stationed at lobby for support

  • Request calendar from HCOE, UHP, GMED, LMSA, or SNMA

  • Select prefered events for partnership

  • Select preferred neighborhood(s), especially those near students

  • Select organization open to partnerships and has communal space 

  • Host regular training events

Phase 1 Settings

  • Includes Current Setting

  • Partner Schools

    • Site is flexible, accessible to students, and offers many potential model for success

    • See following page

  • UI Health Lobby  

    • Students can have a table and mannequins 

    • Flexible shifts 

    • Captive and friendly audience

  • LMSA & SNMA (Minority Medical Student Organization) Events

    • Potential Mentors

    • Limited effort after initial partnership agreement

  • Community Organization

    • Already have locations in high-risk neighborhoods 

    • Have events where they regularly bring in community members 

    • Monthly events can be planned

Phase 2 Settings

  • Includes Current Settings and Phase 1 Settings 

  • Community Clinics 

  • Public Library

  • ED or visitor lobbies of Hospitals in the Illinois Medical District 

  • Businesses (e.g. Walgreens/CVS)

School Engagement Based on Support

No Administrative Support &​ No Student Support 

  • CPS: Rely on Gear Up 

    • Gear UP has stated that there are things they can do with minimal admin oversight ​

    • Use Gear Up room

    • Target Gear Up Cohort 

    • CHAMPIONS Team or ILHR can train new students 

    • If available, CHAMPIONS students can train 

  • Charter Schools​: Rely on 1 Staff Member and 1 room

    • All we truly need is 1 enrichment coordinator at each school willing to give us​ a room and help us advertise to students

    • Employ similar tactics

Mild Administrative Support &​ Mild Student Support 

  • Lunchtime or Free Period Trainings

    • Students can sign up for shifts ​

    • Benefit: they do not need to remain at school for additional time

Mild Administrative Support &​ Strong Student Support 

  • After-school Trainings

    • Students can sign up for shifts ​

    • There is no regular programming beyond CPR Training

  • Partner with Allied Health​

    • There are students who are already on health track and can be tapped to be CHAMPIONS recruits, serving as trainers themselves

Strong Administrative Support &​ Strong Student Support


  • After-school Club

    • Students can sign up for shifts after school

    • Students dedicate time to bi-weekly meetings

    • Benefit: Students can go beyond CPR Training and provide more programming

  • In-class Teaching

    • SHIP

    • Time can be dedicated to training students in bystander CPR and having them teach it back

  • School Assembly

    • Large trainings

    • Benefit: Train students faster

  • 100% Trained

    • Administration allows us to systematically train their entire student body by tracking student participation

  • Parent Trainings

    • Space is provided for parents or community members to receive trainings​


  • You will see Mandatory, Suggested, & Recommended

    • To minimize stress, most mandatory activities can be done without coming to UIC and at the students leisure

    • To make sure they still do come to UIC or meet with other CHAMPIONS they are still required to do 1 “strongly suggested” or 2 “recommended” activities

  • Participation leads to reward

    • Participation as described can be tracked and used to determine who should receive scholarships and who should return in the summer

    • Students should be informed

  • Protecting possible conflicts

    • Some students will likely have busy schedules. I believe this can be adjusted to accommodate them as best we can.


  • Mandatory

    • Bystander CPR Training

      • X number of people trained per month

      • Email pictures and report in tracking tool

    • In School

      • Engage in one CHAMPIONS related activity at your school per month

    • Personal Engagement

      • 1 bi-weekly phone call or 1 monthly meeting at school

    • Engage in 1 "Strongly Suggested" or 2 "Recommended" activites per month

  • Strongly Suggested

    • College Prep

      • 1 Wednesday after school club per month

    • ED Screening

      • 1 ED Shift per month

    • Community Outreach

      • 1 Community event per month

    • Patient Follow-up

      • Contact X patients per month

  • Recommended

    • Social

      • 1 Field Trip or Reunion activity per month

    • Career Development

      • 1 scheduled shadowing session or meeting with mentor


Corresponding Team Tasks

  • Mandatory

    • Bystander CPR Training

      • Start small. Incentivize and coordinate events to make sure students reach goal

      • Develop google form

    • In School

      • Plan at least one CHAMPIONS related activity at each school. At the least can be a meeting inoffice of Gear UP staff or enrichment coordinator

    • Personal Engagement

      • Schedule bi-weekly phone call or 1 monthly meeting at Gear Up

  • Strongly Suggested

    • College Prep

      • Continue Wednesday after school club 

    • ED Screening

      • Reiniate ED Shifts. Schedule/recruit supervisors

    • Community Outreach

      • Schedule at least 1 community event per month

    • Patient Follow-up

      • Continue patient follow-up at wednesday club

  • Recommended

    • Social

      • Plan 1 Field Trip or Reunion activity per month

      • Ask students for preference a month in advance

    • Career Development

      • Recruit mentors and for shadowing session 

      • Ask students for shadowing preference a month in advance

Focused Partner-Expectations

  • ILHR (Community Outreach)

    • Need to know all their events
    • Need Access to community partners
    • Need Access to survivors network (learning experience for students)
  • Cancer Center (Patient Navigation)

    • Need Accessible Patient Navigator we can call for patient questions

    • Need Patient Navigation Tools

    • Need Access to cancer survivors network

  • Mile Square (Patient Referrals)

    • Need contact of the person scheduling appointments

    • Need general information on appointments (i.e. expected timeline, experience, and outcomes)

  • ​Gear Up (School Engagement)

    • Administrative support has been limited; we need to push what can be done with limited oversight

    • Need room to do trainings

    • Need help recruiting gear up cohort

New Personal Engagement Plan

  • Personalized E-mails

  • Meetings at Gear Up offices

  • Phone Calls

  • Text Messages

  • Structured Expectations


  • Food

  • Stipend/Service Learning Hours

    • Have forms printed

    • Create tracking portal or leaderboards so students are aware of progress

  • Commitment to Health Mission

    • Presentation from Survivor’s Network

  • Commitment to their success

    • Individualized College Support

    • Schedule more shadowing sessions

  • Limit difficulties

    • Improve transportation

    • Remove necessity for recruitment and event development by CHAMPIONS 

    • Focus simply on them doing simple tasks

    • Maintain regular & structured schedule

  • Social Development

    • Monthly Reunion

    • Monthly enrichment field trips

    • Help with Personal Goals: (e.g. I want to write more so I want to write for the CHAMPIONS blog)


25 Students

Recruited Associate


"Hey, I need your help with a health survey. We're trying to improve the resources in our community. 

Can you help me find 4 adults we can call together? It should take 20 minutes."

10 per CHAMPIONS Students

Total  =  250

Recruited Associate:

"Hi, Mom. I'm helping my friend do a health survey. Do you have five minutes to quickly answer the questions."

Survey Participant

4 per Associate

Total  =  1000